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Math & biology tutoring in Worcester area

Namibia flag
Abigail's Namibian adventure, 2007


Worcester Academy
Worcester Academy
Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology

Isn't this quaint: someone who still thinks the Constitution was intended as a liberal document, guaranteeing freedoms.

2nd Continental flag

Dave is still flying the revolutionary New England flag, 'cause he likes flags and history and free speech, and still doesn't like that fascist flag-burning Constitutional amendment, flag worship, or the way the militarists and theocrats have hijacked the official American flag, not to mention the government.


We're probably related somehow to most of the people who lived in Wellfleet, Massachusetts and vicinity before 1900 or even 1950, and, just because I want to, I'm beginning to enter all the data I find on old-time Wellfleet residents (40, 000 people as of Aug 2008, mostly from the Lower Cape).

Another genealogy project: Kews in the US of British origins - we're probably several different groups, but let's find out.

And another:  the residents and history of Swan Island, Maine.  This is a small place in the Kennebec river, formerly a part of the town of Frankfort, then Pownalborough and Dresden, was itself the town of Perkins, and is now a wildlife refuge.

Juliana's stories and pictures:

Rudolf, our vacation 1999, Halloween 2001, our cottage, Julie's dad 2004.

    David  and his rich twin                 

other rants and stuff

We live in Worcester, Massachusetts. It has its good points and bad ones. We really want your ideas to continue and embellish this section!

favorite places, scummy contractors, excellent businesses, ideal hotel rooms, restaurants

politics - When the government reduces taxes on the rich, the rich call it 'tax reform', but when their taxes are increased they call it 'class warfare'...

education - My occasional thoughts as a parent, tax payer and sometime teacher.

May & Nov 2003, May 2004 - I'm pleased to read that the town meetings in Chatham, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet and Provincetown rejected Bush's obscenely misnamed "Patriot Act." It's naive to think that law has much to do with fighting terrorism.
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I spent a long time gathering and organizing quotes quotes that amuse or horrify me, and quotes to support my opinionated opinions. They have nothing whatever to do with Cape Cod. In general, I think they are a defense of freedom of expression, civil rights, and rationality, and they tend to fit my politics, so they don't support Bush, Cheney, Rummy and associated fascists, incompetents and criminals.

: Ambrose Bierce, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, H.L. Mencken, Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde,

quotes on quotes, history, advice on life and death, kids, men vs. women, politics, civil and human rights, superstition and reason, nut cases and jingoism, separation of church and state, science, education & computers, stupidity, bumper stickers & one-liners

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Some of our favorite places

Plimoth Plantation

Worcester Art Museum


Old Sturbridge Village

Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston

Mystic Seaport

Strawbery Banke
Portsmouth NH

especially the sanctuaries in Wellfleet, Princeton and Worcester

Cape Cod National Seashore

Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia,
particularly Louisburg and Lunenburg

Mt. Monadnock
Jaffrey NH

Purgatory Chasm State Park
Sutton Mass.