David Kew


David in lab

Worcester  MA  


E-mail: David_Kew[ ]alum.mit.edu

Hobby web page: http://capecodhistory.us/


•Education & accreditation:

Ph.D. in Biology, 1984. Wesleyan University, Middletown CT

S.B. in Life Sciences, 1976. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

Physiology Course, 1979. Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole MA
Provisional licence to teach high school biology and math. Mass. Dept. Education



My scientific interests are in the broad area of developmental  and cellular molecular biology. I began with a study of cellular interactions in sea urchin embryos, moving as a post-doc to cellular interactions in the rat testis, then to tissue interactions via paracrine peptide hormones in the testis, and to the hormonal feedback mechanisms at puberty. I developed and managed a small molecular biology lab with tissue culture facilities. More recently, I worked for 2 years as a contract scientist for Biogen, in several capacities, then at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, studying lung surfactant protein expression. My most recent scientific position was at GrenPharma LLC, with an Alzheimer disease project.

My hobby web site, CapeCodHistory.us, is an extension of my connection to Cape Cod, where many generations of family have lived. It comprises historical documents, literature, biographies, maps and genealogy that focus on Cape Cod, but extends to much of New England. It is the major on-line source of information about author Joseph C. Lincoln (1870-1944).

My teaching experience has been in both the lab and lecture hall. In the lab, I am pleased to show students, technicians and medical interns how to use equipment and follow experimental protocols.  As a lecturer, I have experience with high school and community college students.

Math tutor and substitute teacher, 2012-present
              Auburn (Mass.) High School

Staff, 2011
            Integral Resources Inc., Worcester MA
Fund raising for liberal and conservation organizations.

Federal Census Enumerator, 2010-2011
        U.S. Census Bureau
Worked 3 phases of the 2010 census.

Adjunct Biology Faculty
, 2010
        Mount Wachusett Community College, Devens MA
Taught Human Physiology and Cell Biology

Substitute Teacher
, 2006-2010
        Worcester, West Boylston and Shrewsbury High Schools
I have provisional certification in Massachusetts to teach Biology and Math to grades 7-12.


Senior Scientist, 2003 – 2005

            GrenPharma LLC, Waltham MA
Visiting Scientist, 2003-2005  
             Brandeis University
We used immunological and histological techniques to assay the effects of silicate test compounds on the diagnostic amyloid plaques of Alzhemier Disease in brain tissue, and cell culture and physical chemistry methods to model the interactions of the compounds with amyloid peptides and cells. The goal was to find promising treatments for the disease, and it resulted in several patent applications.


Research Fellow, 1999 - 2002, Pulmonary Dept.,

            Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston MA

Study of  lung surfactant protein expression and regulation by cytokines in vitro. Using western blots, northern blots and immunoprecipitation to assay surfactant proteins and their gene regulatory proteins in cultured cells.


Associate Scientist, 1996-1998, Molecular Genetics Dept.,

            Biogen Inc., Cambridge  MA

Used PCR to identify genes of interest. Assisted patent defense with proof-of-concept molecular cloning. Operator of ABI oligonucleotide synthesizers.


Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, 1993-1996, Tufts University School of Medicine

Scientist, 1992-1995, Neuroendocrine Research Laboratory

Lab Manager, 1993-1995, Neuroendocrine Research Laboratory

            Children's Hospital, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield MA

Developed and managed a research laboratory for the Dept. of Pediatrics at Baystate Medical Center, which is the Western Campus of Tufts University Medical School. This provided students, technicians, interns and staff M.D.s with a facility for tissue culture, neuroendocrine and molecular biology projects.  Conducted experiments on somatotropin-related gene expression during development in the rat testis. Taught investigators how to use equipment and follow procedures, wrote grant proposals, established a research paper database in Papyrus, obtained small animal and radiation use licenses.


Research Associate, 1990-1991, Depts. of Physiology and Urology

            University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester MA

Worked on neuroendocrine molecular biology projects, studying neuropeptide gene expression in the rat and mouse pituitary and testis.


Research Associate, 1986-1990, Neurobiology Group

Research Associate, 1984-1986, Endocrinology/Reproduction Group

Research Assistant, 1984, Endocrinology/Reproduction Group                     

            Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Shrewsbury MA        

Studied hormonal control mechanisms in the rat testis, using techniques of cell and molecular biology, and biochemistry.  We used primary tissue cultures of testicular cells, permanent cell lines and fresh tissue as sources of mRNA, neuropeptides and plasma membranes.  We were particularly interested in the gene expression of the neuropeptide pro-enkephalin, which is expressed at high levels in the reproductive system and in many developing tissues.


Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant, 1976-1983, Biology Dept.

            Wesleyan University, Middletown CT

Researched the developmental cell biology of sea urchin embryos, studying cell-cell adhesivity differences in distinct cell lineages.  Developed techniques to isolate the distinct blastomere types in bulk, and to measure the kinetics of cell association under different conditions.


•Patent: Compositions for treating and/or preventing diseases characterized by the presence of metal ions, filed in2005, as Application No. 11/132,170. Co-inventors are Orrie Friedman, David Kew, Paul Matsudaira, Thomas Pochapsky, Neil Simister, Toby Sommer, and Julie Wei.



AW Mellon Fellowship, 1987-1989

National Research Service Award, 1984-1987

MC Chang Fellowship, 1984

Marine Biological Laboratory Scholarship, 1979

Wesleyan University teaching assistantship, 1976-1982



Orrie M. Friedman, Paul J. Matsudaira, Arthur H. Reis, Jr., Neil Simister, Ivan Correia, David Kew, Julie Y. Wei, Thomas Pochapsky (2007)  Substituted Organosiloxanes as Potential Therapeutics for Treatment and Prevention of Neurodegenerative Diseases. Journal of Alzheimer Disease 11(3): 291-300

David Kew (2009) Annotated transcription of Marriage and Marriage Intention records of Wellfleet, Mass. from 1763 to 1850. http://CapeCodHistory.us/Wellfleet_records/Wellfleet-VRs.html


David Kew (2007) Annotated transcription of the 1850 US census of Wellfleet, Massachusetts. http://CapeCodHistory.us/Wellfleet_records/Wellfleet-1850.xls

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