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Critic (New York) 44(6): 487-489

Mr. Joseph C. Lincoln, author of "Cap'n Eri," was born in Brewster, Mass., on February 13, 1870. Brewster is a typical Cape Cod town, settled by the Pilgrims or their descendants soon after the landing at Plymouth, and was named for Elder Brewster, one of the Mayflowers passengers. It is—or rather was, for Cape Cod life has changed greatly in the past twenty years—the home of retired sea captains and ship-owners, and all of Mr. Lincoln's early associations had to do with the sea. That the love for salt water in the author of "Cap'n Eri" is a natural inheritance is proven by the fact that his father, Joseph Lincoln, ran away to sea at the age of fourteen, was captain of a full-rigged ship when he was twenty-three, and died in the harness while, on a voyage to Charleston, S. C, in December of the year in which his son was born. From his mother also Mr. Lincoln inherited a love for the ocean. Her only brother followed the sea and her ancestors for generations had sailed back and forth over the wet parts of the world. In this little 'longshore village Mr. Lincoln spent his boyhood, and to it he returns each summer, for rest and the renewal of old associations.

He attended the village schools at Brewster until he was twelve years old, when, with his mother, he left, the Cape to live in one of the Boston suburbs and to complete his education in the schools of Boston.

After some experience in business and banking houses, Mr. Lincoln decided that as a banker or bookkeeper he would not, nor did he desire to, shine, and, having some natural talent for drawing, he determined to study art. He entered the class of Henry Sandham, the well-known illustrator, and remained there for some time, making pictures and thoroughly enjoying it. In company with a friend, another student, he rented a small studio in Pemberton Square, Boston, where many drawings were made and a few sold. This little trip into Bohemia he counts as one of the pleasantest experiences of his life. Mr. Lincoln now lives with his wife and son at Hackensack, N. J., which is about as far from Bohemia as any place I know.

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