Joseph C. Lincoln bibliography

posted Feb 2006
From the Annual Reports, Town of Brewster, 1969.
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Joseph C. Lincoln at Crosstrees


Born in Brewster, February 13, 1870
Died in Florida, March 1944

Aged 74 years.

He was the son of Captain Joseph Lincoln
and Emily Crosby Lincoln.
Cape Cod's most famous author.

                (Photo by Kelsey)

A Proclamation

    Joseph C. Lincoln, famous as a writer of novels about Cape Cod, was born in Brewster, February 13, 1870. He came from a strong heritage of Brewster sea captains. His own father died on a voyage to South Carolina in 1870. His brothers, uncles and grandparents were all men of the sea.

    He wrote approximately 50 books, all about Cape Cod, many poems, short stories and plays. He was greatly admired as a story teller, humorist, yarn spinner and raconteur.

    His books attracted world-wide attention to the Cape, causing many people to visit and to make their homes here.

    Now therefor, We, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Brewster, hereby proclaim 1970 to be a year of centennial for Joseph Crosby Lincoln, and urge all to participate in appropriate ceremonies in recognition of his love of Cape Cod, and of his literary achievements.

    Given under our hand and the Seal of the Town of Brewster this sixteenth day of January 1970 A.D.


Selectmen of Brewster