Juliana Kew

    My dad is the best! Sure, he yells sometimes, but he is still awesome. His name is David, he's about 5'8", red hair, long beard. (He stands out in a crowd.) My dad lets me stay up late. He is also quick to act (unless it involves work,) and likes to travel.
    Dad isn't as picky about my bedtime as Mom. Sometimes he'll let me stay up late and watch PG13 movies (another thing my mom won't let me do). Or else he'll read to me, or call me back down from bed to listen to "Barrett's Privateers" one more time.
    Everybody has somewhere they want to go, right? Well, my dad wants to go to Alaska. Don't ask me why, it wouldn't do any good. Although he hasn't been to Alaska, he has been to England, Canada, France, and almost every where in the United States.
    My dad is useful to have around. See, he'll help you with almost anything (as long as it isn't taking pictures to be developed). Ask him a question for a one-sentence answer and he'll give you enough to fill a dictionary. When I said "I wish I had a boat," he got one from my aunt and has been helping me fix it. Also, last night he helped me put together a costume for "February on Trial."
    So, do you see why my dad rules?