Julie's Rudolf story


Julie's dictated story: (This is verbatim, I think.) 3/4/1999

    Rudolf used to climb trees alone. He would play a bunch of games. He used to play games alone. He played things like tree tag and tumble bones alone, while the other reindeer played games together. And, he would go in the elves' workshop sometimes, and so all the great presents they were making. Rudolf wished he could have those presents, and he knew someday Santa would use him to pull his sleigh. And he did. And he even let Rudolf lead his sleigh. At first he thought Rudolf's nose was a lantern, and usually it was nighttime, so he went over to his stable. And then he fast asleep, right that very minute he got in, while all the other reindeer finished their games. Then after about one minute he'd been in, the other reindeer came to their stalls. He probably would have said "Hi" to them, if he not been asleep.
    Then, the next day's night was Xmas. All the children rushed into bed that night. They were hoping Santa would come soon. That was the night that Santa picked Rudolf to guide his sleigh. Then, they went faster than ever, and they had delivered presents all over the world just at the very minute children got into bed. Then they raced back to the North Pole. The elves had already started to make the surprise presents for the little boys and girls. The elves ran to the door to greet Santa, and Mrs Claus stepped behind them. Santa hurried in, greeting them one at a time. As he greeted them, the elves went back to work. Rudolf ran in too- "Wait for me", he shouted.
    And then they all went outside and looked at the pole decorated, that said "North Pole", and the elves started climbing on it. Santa was in the lead, but Rudolf was really in the lead of everyone. They did this every Xmas. He was in the lead of the reindeer, and after the reindeer, came Santa Claus, then Mrs Claus, and then the elves. The way that the reindeer were, was how Santa would say "On" to the reindeer. The first one that Santa would say would be right after Rudolf. The pole led to Saturn. Then, when they had gotten there, and looked around, they would all climb back down, not turning around.
    The elves went back to their workshop, and started making surprise presents again. Santa and Mrs Claus sat down in their big chairs.
    And that's how I think a little bit of a long time ago the North Pole went.