One time (8/99) we went camping on the Cape at Paine's Campground in Wellfleet. And we had lots and lots of fun. But we didn't have lots and lots of fun sleeping in a soaking wet tent. We went down to my Gram's one night because we thought it was going to be soaking wet that night, too. And on the way home we stopped at lots of places, first at the place (shop in Chatham) where Mom bought earrings, and at CVS (for batteries), and I got my face painted at a craft fair with a rainbow and balloons, and I made a person - it started with a tennis ball for a head, and a cup body, and then for a mouth I added a pipe cleaner, and googily eyes, and a string necklace, and a cloth dress, and popsicle stick arms, and string paper hair, and we saw lots and lots of paintings, and we saw someone making a painting, and then we went the rest of the way home. The end.