Acushnet Massachusetts, 1890

is very pleasant town in the southeasterly part of Bristol County, with a population in 1885, of 1,071. It is bounded by Freetown and Rochester on the north, the latter and Mattapoisett on the east, Fairhaven on the south, and New Bedford on the west. It contains 8,945 acres, of which 4,575 acres are woodland. Nearly one-third of the original area was annexed to New Bedford in 1875. It was formerly included in the town of Fairhaven, having been incorporated on February 13, 1860. Its name is from the beautiful river which flows southward along the western side to the bay. Another pretty stream flows along Mattapoisett River in the southeast. New Bedford Reservoir, of 280 acres, is a very attractive sheet of water. Acushnet, on the New Bedford branch of the Old Colony Railroad, is the nearest station. The post-offices are Long Plain, on the eastern side of the town and Acushnet Village at the southwest. Belleville is another small village. The land is generally even, and the soil — principally loam — quite fertile. The geological formation is felspathic gneiss and granite. Mendal's Hill, 146 feet high, in the easterly part of the town, was one of the stations in the trigonometrical survey. The view from the heights is spoken of as truly magnificent, including sea and land. There are various small manufactures. The product of sawed lumber in 1885 was valued at $3,140. The principal employment is farming ; and the aggregate product of the 145 farms in 1885 was valued at $130,277. At that date the town contained 241 dwelling-houses, and a total of 611 buildings. The valuation of the town in 1888 was $620,050, and the rate of taxation was $10 on $1,000.

The town has five public school-houses valued at $6,000. Three libraries connected with Sunday schools have 1,200 volumes. The Methodists, Baptists, Christian Baptists, Adventists and the Friends, each have a church edifice. Hon. Walter Spooner, Ansel White, Col. A. P. Robinson, S. B. Hamlin and Pardon Taber, junior, were eminent citizens.

p. 103 in Nason and Varney's Massachusetts Gazetteer, 1890

Bristol County, Gazetteer