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an ongoing genealogy project. (corrections, additions and anecdotes welcome)
1790 census
1800 census (PDF)
1850 census (Excel), page image PDF, HTML version, comments
Wellfleet chapter of Enoch Pratt's History of Eastham, Wellfleet and Orleans, 1844.
Lovell's Directory, 1871. part of Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
obit for Dr William N. Stone, Jr (1845-1898), in Wellfleeet School Committee report

Billingsgate and Wellfleet births, 1720s to 1939.  Births 1881-1887 are incomplete. Sortable Excel file, sorted initially by birth date. The major sources are Wellfleet birth records and annual reports, and minor sources are Wellfleet marriage and death records, and newspaper marriages and obits.
Wellfleet marriages, 1763-1939. Marriages 1875-1888 and 1920s are incomplete. Sortable Excel file, sorted initially by date.The major source is Wellfleet records, and minor ones are Massachusetts archives and newspaper articles.

    1763-1770 marriages, intentions (Wellfleet was incorporated in 1763.)
    1771-1775 marriages, intentions
    1776-1780 marriages, intentions
    1781-1785 marriages, intentions
    1786-1790 marriages, intentions
    1791-1795 marriages, intentions
    1796-1800 marriages, intentions
    1801-1805 marriages, intentions
    1806-1810 marriages, intentions
    1811-1815 marriages, intentions
    1816-1820 marriages, intentions
    1821-1825 marriages, intentions
    1826-1830 marriages, intentions
    1831-1835 marriages, intentions
    1836-1840 marriages, intentions
    1841-1845 marriages, intentions 1841-1842
    1846-1850 marriages
    1851-1855 marriages

    Intentions were recorded for most but not all Marriages until 1842, and there are some Intentions that do not have corresponding Marriages recorded. It is unclear to me which were called off, which were officiated in other towns, and which were just not recorded. Intentions were supposed to be entered in the towns of residence for both bride and groom, so many were also recorded in other towns, but most involved two Wellfleet residents.
    The transcriptions are reasonably accurate and complete, but I make mistakes, and so did the town clerks, so caveat lector.

blue swirlTable of Wellfleet vital records - some of my data as a USGenWeb project organized by Janet Griffin.

1888-1899 births, deaths, marriages, jurors, dog licenses from the Annual Reports (big PDF file)
1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899 (separate PDF files)

    1900-1905 births, marriages, deaths, jurors & licences
    1906-1910 births, marriages, deaths, jurors & licences
    1911-1915 births, marriages, deaths, jurors & licences
    1916-1920 births, marriages, deaths, jurors & licences
** The Annual Reports have many typos. Most are in the original, and some more may be due to my photocopying and reading of old pages. **

Wellfleet chapter of Simeon L. Deyo's History of Barnstable County, 1890.
index to Deyo's Wellfleet chapter
Wellfleet page of Nason's Massachusetts Gazetteer, 1874.
Wellfleet page of Nason & Varney's Massachusetts Gazetteer, 1890.
Sweet Rosemary and Forget-Me-Nots. Betsey Libby. 1898.
    Everett I. Nye. 1920. History of Wellfleet, from early days to present time.
  History and Lore of South Wellfleet Massachusetts. Margaret T. Dooley. 1938.
"That Was the Island That Was" in Cape Cod Compass. Clarece B. Daniels. 1965.  Billingsgate Island.
 Leroy and Elmer Wiles interviewed in 1983.

Lower Cape cemeteries at

The cemeteries at Duck Creek, Pleasant Hill, South Wellfleet and Chequesset Neck were adjacent to the original church buildings whose congregations they served.
These are all the cemeteries that seem to exist in Wellfleet:
  • Chequesset Neck, aka Taylor Hill. This is the oldest one, from the early 1700s, and there are just a few stones visible and legible.
  • Duck Creek. This is the major old cemetery, mostly used 1750-1850. Some of its memorials are repeated at Oak Dale.
  • Pleasant Hill. This was originally the Methodist cemetery, begun about 1815, and still in active use.
  • Oak Dale. This is adjacent to Pleasant Hill, begun about 1824 by the Congregational church, and still in active use.
  • South Wellfleet. This began about 1830, and was Congregational. It includes stones moved from the unmarked Paine Hollow cemetery on Baker Avenue. Still in use.
  • Lombard family. A very small cemetery used in the mid 1800s.  It seems to be the only remaining family or homestead cemetery, but there were likely others.
  • French. This is a small cemetery used 1880-1924 by the French Canadian Catholic families.
  • Our Lady of Lourdes. This is the current Catholic cemetery, adjacent to Duck Creek. From the early 20th century onward.
       There are 3 sets of Wellfleet cemetery transciptions that I know of:
1. Mayflower Descendant, vols 10-12, published Stanley Smith's transcriptions, c 1908 of Chequesset, Duck Creek and South Wellfleet, but only through 1850, organized alphabetically, with some notes on dates, ages and relations. A few of the stones are now missing, and some of the data are better than the Rich Family Association's.

2. The Rich Family Association published complete records of Duck Creek and South Wellfleet as separate volumes in the 1970s (or so,) and a combined Pleasant Hill & Oak Dale volume in 1986. These include most of the stones' legible texts (many have long sections no longer legible.) The Duck Creek and South Wellfleet volumes are organized by grid sections (an improvement over alphabetical) but have quite a few errors. The Pleasant Hill & Oak Dale book follows their plot layouts, making family connections much clearer. Accurate, I think.

3. is a huge historical project of Robert Paine Carlson, focusing more on the changing carving styles than the family relations. Organized chronologically, it has photos and transcriptions of many stones, mostly early ones. This is an ongoing project, and Carlson is up to the 1880s. He repeats some of RFA's errors, but his original transcriptions are better reproductions.