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Some of these are scans of my own cards and books, and some from correspondents, but many are from cards advertised on eBay. I appreciate the quality scans presented by a few, and wonder why anyone bids on the poor ones. Thanks for the pictures, Marian Natale, Russ DuPont, Cynthia Blakely.

There are a limited number of Wellfleet scenes, but they were tried in several variations each over the past 100 years. Popular ones were the village from the harbor and across Uncle Tim's bridge, the village and harbor from the Congregational Church tower, Main Street, Commercial Street, Billingsgate Light, Mayo's Beach Light, Chequesset Inn, the oyster packing buildings, Marconi wireless station and Cahoon Hollow Life-Saving Station.. I'd guess the most often issued card was the black-fish school ashore in 1884 (where the date is carefully omitted, to seem recent). Less common are various other inns and camps, pond scenes, and South Wellfleet. Many of the early cards were hand-colored prints, so there are gray versions, and variously colored versions.
    Local publishers include Covell Mfg. and Everett Nye.

1960s whale
1500 blackfish ashore in 1884 at South Wellfleet
whale in the harbor in the 1960s

Wellfleet village with labels
village with labels
Commerical St factory and depot
looking west along Railroad Ave., across Commercial Street, I think. This is a non-postcard photograph.
depot in 1909
rail depot in 1909, looking east?
Wellfleet library 1915
  This was Wellfleet's Library from 1910-1950, with the selectmen's office on the second floor. This is now the Historical Society building.
South Wellfleet Congregational ChurchColonial Hall
The South Wellfleet Congregational Church seems to have been built circa 1833, and the South Wellfleet cemetery was developed around it. It was saved from the wreckers, and moved to the town center as Colonial Hall/Memorial Hall in 1919. It was saved again to be the town hall, in 1940, and the library opened on the second floor in 1950. It burned to the ground in 1960, and the current building is a replica.

Cahoon Hollow Life-Saving Station. This is now the Beachcomber.
Wellfleet village
Wellfleet village in 1877, with this view from around the Congo church.
oyster houses
oyster houses at the railroad trestle over Duck Creek

quahaug flats
same scene, different caption and coloring

The Lighthouses
Billingsgate Lt
Mayo's Beach Lt

The Ponds

Gull Pond 2
There is just sand, scrub and few trees in the older view of Gull and Higgins Ponds.
The house between the ponds  seems to be the "Wellfleet Oysterman's," seen in more views below.
Oysterman's house Thoreau
Cape Codders were not thrilled with Thoreau's depiction of them, but quickly began to cash in on the connections.

Great Pond NE Pond
Great Pond
North East and Great Ponds
Gull Pond boats
Long Pond
lightly colored early card of Gull Pond
Long Pond, 1920s

The beaches were not popular subjects, and if you think about it, that makes sense. Their empty panoramas don't lend themselves to postcard format, and pictures with people look dated quickly. Nearly all the pictures are at Bay beaches - the ocean was much less accessible, as well as colder and rougher.
Mayo's Beach
bathing beach
Mayo's Beach
bathing beach, early
bathing beach 1920
bathing beach, looking north
bathing beach, later
bathing beach
sepia beach
bathing beach
back side

South Wellfleet
Marconi 1906
Marconi 1908
Marconi Wireless Telegraphy Station, 1906
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station, 1908
Marconi 12
Marconi  pc
Marconi Wireless Station Marconi Wireless Station
soWell store 1
So Well store 1916
South Wellfleet General Store, c1940s
the little store, South Wellfleet, 1916
So Well house
village hall
street scene, South Wellfleet, 1916
Social Union Hall, South Wellfleet
RR station
RR station 1910
Railroad Station, South Wellfleet
Railroad Station, South Wellfleet, 1910

Pleasant Point
Point Pleasant
Pleasant Point, South Wellfleet, c 1933
cottages at Point Pleasant, South Wellfleet
Stubbs Landing
Prospect Hill
Stubb's Boat Landing, South Wellfleet
Prospect Hill, South Wellfleet