The short but happy political life of George W. Bush

Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose. 2000. Random House, NY

A light and critical look at the atrocious policies and lightweight career of Dubya. Appallingly, he counts as a moderate by Texas standards. Based on these stories, and knowing that there are even worse places in the South and West, I'm amazed that the US entered World War II against the Nazis.


"Of Bush's credentials as an economic conservative, there is no question at all-he owes his political life to big corporate money; he's a CEO's wet dream. He carries their water, he's stumpbroke-however you put it, George W. Bush is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate America. We don't think this is a consequence of political calculation; it is more a consequence of his life experience, political thinking, and party affiliation. We can find no evidence that it has ever occurred to him to question whether it is wise to do what big business wants. He is perfectly comfortable, perfectly at home, doing the bidding of big bidness. These are his friends, and he takes care of his friends--sign of a smart politician."


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