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Jul 2009
Google and are putting more books online every day, and I won't rework this page often. They are also making some of my projects redundant, but I suppose that's progress.

Additions and corrections welcome. Email webmaster[at]

my collection of mostly 19th Century New England history and literature
my Joseph C. Lincoln site

search engines: beyond Google, A9, and Alltheweb, there's  Google Scholar, Mooter and now Bing. mod Dec 2014

Google books
Books-on-line - 52,000 books as of Jul 2009
Bartleby - "Great books online"
JSTOR -  The Scholarly Journal Archive - this requires academic affiliation
PubMed - current and recent medical and biological papers - a new site in Feb 2005 - no idea of quality yet

              gutenberg- the oldest producer of free books on-line. There are many mirror sites, including

University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative, including UMI section of Making of America.
Cornell University section of Making of America.
Library of Congress section of Making of America.
University of Pennsylvania Online bookspublic Ebooks
University of Virginia Etext center, including James Deetz's Plymouth Colony Archive Project
Alcyone - a small and eclectic personal collection
The Literature Network -
Kellscraft - about 100 illustrated books, mostly from 1890-1920
University of New Hampshire Dimond Library special collections, including the Map Collection.
NOAA Office of Coast Survey historical maps
Yale - Project Avalon, historic documents, mostly from American history
Dinsmore Documentation, Classics of American Colonial History - an impressive set
Wisconsin Historical Society - American Journeys - complete page images of many exploration accounts
United States Internet Genealogical Society - genealogy and history books and documents
Janice Farnsworth's New England history collection
Preserved Books - New England history books on CDs - these ones free to download
The Plough Boy Journals of Lewis Monto - whaling journals from 1827-1834 with voluminous cross references
Virtualology - large collection of  images and documents on art, history, science and war

Massasoit history
Mocotaugan. The Story and Art of the Crooked Knife (2004)
The Era of the Clipper Ships - online book and lots of associated pages
Johann Gutenberg and his books -

Medical Microbiology, 4th ed. Samuel Baron, MD, editor
Tom Volk's Fungi site
University of Wisconsin botany
Armadillo Online
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronmoy and Spaceflight


Maritime history virtual archives